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I was delighted the wonderful Horror tree online magazine published a short/flash fiction piece of mine on 03 June 2018.

The inspiration for ‘ Catch me came from a ghost walk I went on in the city of York.

You can read the story at in the trembling with fear section.



A slice of life.




The day I killed my brother, I knew things had to change.
Manor Clinic didn’t specify addiction type and I wasn’t about to declare mine.
The hard part was sitting in a circle of strangers, knowing when the meeting ended, each patient would leave alone and could easily be picked off one by one.
I went to ten meetings in total. Never laid a finger on any of them.
It wasn’t a ‘cure.’ I don’t believe addiction can be cured anyway-just boxed up by some Shrink and stored in a special place in the brain, waiting for that rainy day.
I was, however, now able to admire my retired collection of weaponry, take the pieces out, clean them, without the need to put them into use.
That was when I got to thinking. It was my brother who first introduced me to knives, starting with a hunting blade. He was always into that stuff. He had guns too, but they weren’t my style, I preferred the rip and tear of animal flesh. Watch them shudder and bleed, rather than a swift clean shot.
He joined up when I was still a kid. Never heard of him again, ‘presumed dead.’
The night I discovered he wasn’t dead, but AWOL, was a cold one.

I had been prowling the City Park, but the derelicts had found somewhere warmer to go or were huddled together in groups so I turned for home, pretty pissed off.
Then I saw one, headed for the park entrance. Hood up, shuffly. Never saw me comin’.

I sliced his head clean open and watched his skull split. He remained upright for a few seconds before slamming into the gravel face first.
Eagerly, I turned my prey over.
Older than I recalled, but unmistakably my brother. My thirtieth victim and, for me, the only one with a face.
I’ve done so well in therapy that I counsel troubled teens now. You know the kind, no real home, family or friends. Outsiders.

Like I say, addiction can’t be cured just stored away. A fresh market always has the power to unpack the box and I can hear the rain.


First blog post


Well, here goes. This is my first blog and no doubt something I will look back on in the future and cringe with embarrassment about. However it’s where I am at the moment.

I have been immensely lucky to have had a couple of pieces  accepted by The Horror Tree – Trembling with Fear recently. This has introduced me to the world of online fiction writing and the need to have an online presence to link to. My WordPress blog now being it. 

In the blog to begin with, I will be posting  links to my stories and some previously unpublished drabbles and flash fiction. Initially this might be in bursts rather than a regular weekly or monthly posting. 

I am also keen to post reviews of books, blogs etc. I read and anything writing related which I have found useful or fascinating.

I just need to run a couple of edits then I’ll be back with a dark little tale or two for you.